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How do I gain access to your online office?2023-09-16T14:01:49-07:00

Send me a text and I will forward the information to you. Be sure to identify yourself in your text.

How do I get my account information?2023-09-16T14:02:38-07:00

You will get your credentials during your onboarding.

How do I use Relocation Road?2023-09-16T13:59:19-07:00

You are provided with one or more accounts to help with your relocation, real estate transactions and travel management.

The platform is available to clients of Amerelo RS, Beach City Travel, Artman Real Estate and other related companies. Clients are given login credentials when they are welcomed to the family.

What can I do with this platform?2023-08-07T16:06:03-07:00

This is a central portal for support, knowledge, links to third party accounts, and other tools to help with your relocation services.

Where do affiliates sign in?2023-09-16T14:04:59-07:00

If you are an owner operator, you will be given two accounts. One will be Basecamp and the other for your client billings.


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